The News Spy Review

So you were searching online for some cryptocurrency trading software’s and you came across The News Spy trading software. This is one of the most helpful open source cryptocurrency trading bots that is available on the market today. Cryptocurrency is an open source. Crypto trading bots should be the same.

The News Spy trading bot is open to anyone that’s willing to invest a bit of time setting it up. Furthermore, it allows for different plugins and extensions that you can use to improve on the bot in case if it’s needed require. In this post, we will take you through the thing you need to know about News Spy.

News Spy Trading Bot Review

The News Spy trading software is a cryptocurrency trading bot. It was released as an open source piece of software. The News Spy trading bot can link up to different Bitcoin exchanges

This software is regularly updated which is a good sign that the developers are still active. Members can make an average of $1500 per day.

The News Spy Can Be Used For 3 Different Purposes:

  • Paper Trader: You can test the strategy in real-time with current data.
  • Trade Bot: You can run the bot with real funds in an account with the strategies that you’ve developed.
  • Backtesting: You can backtest any strategy that you’ve over a period of time in the past. This is useful in determining the effectiveness of a strategy.

The News Spy is not an arbitrage bot or high-frequency trading software. It completes technical enquiry on cryptocurrency markets and places a few trades every day. It helps you to create your own strategy based on your indicators.

How the News Spy Works

Fill Out the Registration Form

Once your registration is accepted, you will automatically become the newest member of The News Spy. This means you’ll get to claim our proprietary software for free.



Fund Your Account

Like any business, you need working capital to get started. So to start profiting with The News Spy, you must invest any amount you desire of $250 or more.

Start Trading and Profiting

Click trade to enjoy precise and accurate free money-making powered by our award-winning algorithm. You can also set it to manual if you prefer to make these crucial decisions on your own.

How the Software Works

The News Spy makes trades for you, by connecting it to your exchange API. Currently it works with different exchanges which include Poloniex, Bitrex and Binance. To have the software function you must leave either Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) on your exchange. The News Spy then makes use of your BTC or ETH to trades those coins for what are known as Altcoins.

How It Makes Money

The software makes profits when the coin rises in price faster than the base pair. This allows the software to grow your base pair balance overtime as long as it is making successful trades. If you are a believer and a long-term investor in your base pair, the software with proper care and research should treat you well. You can become a millionaire within a few weeks of making use of this software. There is a guarantee for getting a return on your investment.

Is The News Spy Secure? Is It A Scam?

It’s legit and not a scam. The News Spy does not have direct control of your BTC or ETH, they are always on your exchange account. Since it is only doing trades for you, the software has no withdrawal right because it can’t steal your cryptocurrencies. However, there are risks with leaving your cryptocurrencies on an exchange, but that’s true even without the use of The News Spy software.

Is It Right For Me?

When deciding if you should make use of this trading software or not, you should first ask yourself what your objectives are. Yes, The News Spy is a legit Cryptocurrency software that can make trades for you automatically. However, this does not mean that it is a money printing machine as some people see it.

If your objectives are to try and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio on autopilot and make more money, then The News Spy is an ideal tool to use. You need to have a little understanding of how the software works and what buy or sell strategies are best for existing market conditions.


When it comes to automated software, The News Spy trading software has no doubt created a name for itself. It’s great to see that developers in the cryptocurrency space are keeping true to open source creativity.

The News Spy is an ideal tool which you can use to craft a strategy that exhibits positive returns. But, this is not guaranteed and you should always practice suitable risk management.

With that being said, The News Spy bot is a great initiative and the developer deserves collective gratitude. Please visit to check out the trader’s reviews to make the best choice